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Stuhrling Original Watches – Reviews, Photos, & More

About Stuhrling Original Watches

Brief Company History

Stuhrling Original was founded in 1999. It uses the name of Max Stührling, a master Swiss watchmaker from the 1800s. Their watches are manufactured in China and generally use Chinese movements.

In the last 20 years Stuhrling has become a major presence in the world of affordable watches, with the majority of their automatic watch range being available for well under $200.




New York, USA


Under $200


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Recent Stuhrling Original Watch Reviews, Posts, & Photos

Stuhrling Original Symphony Eclipse Horizon Review

The Symphony Eclipse Horizon, as it’s dramatically called, is a ridiculous watch. The 47mm case is monstrous, and the translucent sections of the dial give it even more wrist space. The sparse use of color makes the watch feel more techno-punk than world traveler, but I think that’s kind of the point… which is odd, given that it’s got two separate movements for each dial. Like all Stuhrling’s, you’ll find it’s street price is around $120 as opposed to its $595 “MSRP”.

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Stuhrling Original Legacy Executive Review

The Legacy Executive is loud. The blue hands brightly contrast with the skeleton face and white dial, and the flash continues down to the highly decorated movement ticking away inside. The movement is fairly accurate, and there’s definite novelty to watching the movement tick away. It’s a showpiece, that’s for sure. It’s posted MSRP of $588 is misleading- you’ll easily find it for less than a third of that.

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