Watch Reviews: Alphabetical

Here is an alphabetical listing of the brands of watches we have reviewed.  When you click the brand it will open a page showing the latest three reviews we have done.  Click the “show more posts” link to see a complete list of watches we have reviewed for that brand.

  • Bulova – Since 1875 Bulova has been producing luxury watches and clocks.  A pioneer in many respects, Bulova is perhaps best known for their “Accutron” tuning-fork powered electronic watches (sadly, modern Accutrons use quartz movements).  Click here to see all the Bulova’s we have reviewed.
  • Cadence – Founded in 2002, Cadence produces watches in a variety of styles.  Their mission is to deliver quality timepieces at reasonable prices, avoiding middle-men and instead focusing on distributing direct to their customer.  While currently only producing quartz timepieces, it’s only a matter of time before they move into automatic movements.  Click here to see all the Cadence watches we have reviewed.
  • Citizen – Founded in 1918, and producing timepieces since 1924, Citizen holds the distinction of being the world’s largest watchmaker (since 1986).  With annualized revenues of over $2 billion (operating year 2010) Citizen is certainly not the small company with a niche product.  Known for precise quartz watches, Citizen is perhaps most famous for its “Eco-Drive” line of movements.  Click here to see all the Citizen’s we have reviewed.
  • Fashion Watches – Not a brand, but rather a type of watch.  Reviews of fashion watches, or watches that are made expressly for their appearance, can be found here.
  • Fossil – Since 1984 Fossil has been producing fashion accessories and watches.  In addition to the Fossil brand, Fossil also owns Relic, Abacus, Michele Watch, Skaegan, and Zodiac.  Fossil also produces watches for Adidas, Emporio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, DKNY, Diesel, and Armani Exchange.  Click here to see all the Fossil’s we have reviewed.
  • Hamilton – Since 1892, founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA, Hamilton has been building watches with distinctive designs and quality movements.  Now headquartered in Switzerland, Hamilton is well-respected in the watchmaking industry for making reliable and stylish timepieces.  Click here to see all the Hamilton’s we have reviewed.
  • Seiko – While founded in 1881, Seiko didn’t start producing wrist watches until 1924.  While most leading watch manufacturers are based in Sweden, Seiko is a Japense company that is become synonymous with high quality, accurate, reliable timepieces.    Click here to see all the Seiko’s we have reviewed.
  • Stuhrling Original – The brand’s originals date back to the 1800’s, but the Stuhrling Original of today began in 1999.  Scoffed by many in the watch community for cloning designs of more famous brands and using inferior movements, Stuhrling Original produces timepieces at affordable prices and utilize a range of both quartz and automatic movements.  Click here to see all the Stuhrling Original’s we have reviewed.
  • Timex – Timex as we know it today came to be in the mid-1980’s, though the company’s history dates as far back as 1854 (in one form or another).  Famous for their slogan “it takes a licking and keeps on ticking”, Timex watches have become synonymous with inexpensive, durable, reliable quartz timepieces.  While they do indeed have several automatic models available, they are known far and wide for their quartz casual, dress, and sport watches.  Click here to see all the Timex’s we have reviewed.

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