Best Mechanical Watches for Men

Best Mechanical Watches For Men Priced Under $1,500

A common question we get on our Facebook and YouTube channels is “what are the best mechanical/automatic watches under $X”. The $X changes, but the sentiment in the question does not. It’s a good question, too, as there’s never been a broader selection of mechanically-powered watches than what’s available today.

In this list, I’ve called out my favorite automatic or mechanical watches priced under $1,500. A notable caveat: if the watch is an automatic, the movement must be able to be hand-wound like a non-automatic mechanical movement.

Bulova 97A121 Automatic in Box

Bulova 97A121 Automatic Review

This Bulova has as lot of things going for it. First, it’s a great looking open heart that isn’t over styled; It’s competitively priced, clocking in somewhere around $300 – $350; it’s built well, like every other Bulova I’ve reviewed to date. It’s a great watch and has earned a great recommendation from me. Check it out!

Bulova Accutron II Alpha 98A136

Bulova Accutron II Alpha 98A136 Review

The Accutron II Alpha is a unique watch. Already rare to see a skeletonized dial on a quartz timepiece, Bulova takes it even further with a distinctive case to match. This version is arguably the youngest, with its black on black color scheme managing to be both quieter and louder than some of the more conventionally-styled versions. Regardless, it’s an excellent watch and a definite conversation piece. Recommended.

Bulova 96A101

Bulova 96A101 Automatic Review

The dial on the 96A101 is a little polarizing, but that’s the only fault I can really find in this Bulova. The open heart display gives you a constant reminder of what lies beneath the surface, and the fact that this watch is built as well as it is means you’ll probably be looking at it a lot. Found for under $400… it’s a good buy. Found under $300 and it’s a great buy.

Bulova Precisionist Review

Summary:  Beautiful combination of retro and modern with a nod to the venerated founder of Glycine Watch. Background Bulova is an old name in watch manufacturing, at least in the United States. The company traces its roots back to 1875, when Joseph Bulova started selling watches in New York City. …

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