Timex Expedition Field Chronograph

Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Review

The Expedition Field Chronograph is a good watch, even if the quirks of the watch make it a little clunky to use. If you’re picky or particular, the chronograph movement might drive you a little bonkers. Other than that, it’s proven itself durable and if you like its military-inspired looks – as I do – it’s a great watch to wear. I recommend it.

Timex Weekender 40 Chronograph

Timex Weekender Chronograph Review

The Timex Weekender series is a minimalist exercise in affordable timekeeping. This Chronograph (model: TW2P62300) is another great example of the things that make a Weekender great: simplicity, ease of use, and timeless style. I really love that you can get a great watch for well under $75.

Timex Weekender 40 Dial

Timex Weekender 40 Review

The Timex Weekender series are my favorite watches for their price points. I don’t believe you can get a better value or a better looking watch for the same money. The Weekender 40 (model: T2P4959J) comes with no complications and it doesn’t need any- it’s already the best bang for your buck out there.

Cadence Buccaneer

Cadence Buccaneer Review

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in my opinion the Buccaneer really doesn’t deliver on that. Where it does do well is function, rated for 500m of depth (with the screw-down crown secured). If you want an inexpensive and capable dive watch, the Buccaneer is a pretty good choice.

Cadence Winston

Cadence Winston Review

The Winston is a completely adequate watch for its $40 price tag. Powered by a Miyota quartz movement, the Winston is a simple and minimalist timepiece. The stainless steel case/bracelet are ultra-lightweight.

Cadence Wrist Rocket WT2

Cadence Wrist Rocket WT2 Review

If you want a low-cost sport watch that comes with all the functions you need (chrono, alarm, timer, etc) the Cadence Wrist Rocket WT2 is a solid choice. We picked this one up for less than $20 and have nothing but good things to say about the watch and Cadence’s customer service.