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Brief Company History

Seiko was founded in 1881 and has become a global watchmaking leader in the decades since. With nearly 7,000 employees, Seiko is one of the larger watch brands and carries a reputation for quality timepieces at reasonable prices.

We speak quite highly of Seiko, and of the Seiko 5 series of watches in particular. Their penchant for unique designs and creating timepieces that are durable and easy to use is what sets Seiko apart from other manufacturers.




Tokyo, Japan

Average MSRP:

Under $1,000


Featured Seiko Watch Review

Seiko 5 SNK807 Wrist Shot

Seiko SNK807 Review

Every now and then, a watch comes by that, in reality, needs no introduction. The Seiko SNK807, a well-known member of the even better known Seiko 5 family, is such a watch.

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