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Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer Moonphase

By Cameron Martel


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Fancy a Moonphase? Try The Business Timer From Frederique Constant

A quartz moonphase makes sense for most people that want a moonphase complication. I know a lot of people that have gone for a mechanical moonphase that don’t leave it on a winder.

I don’t judge,  I do the exact same thing- my Longines Master Collection Moonphase isn’t on a winder, either. D’oh!

In any case, a moonphase is a nice complication to add to a dressier watch. It adds something interesting to the watch, as well as a bit of color to the dial. To enjoy the complication the most, I’d get mine with a quartz. Set and forget – at least for a good long while – and always in sync with the Earth’s largest satellite.

In December, I had the unbelievable luxury of being able to pick any watch I wanted to photograph and review. So, I thought it’d be nice to check out another Frederique Constant and picked the FC-270SW4P5 Business Timer. This upscale quartz is packed with the usual trimmings (sappphire/etc.) and three subdials: day/date, and moonphase.

Certified Watch Store delivered this to my door on December 19 and currently has it available for $479.99. It is also currently available on Amazon for $564.80.

Where to Buy

CertifiedWatchStore.com graciously provided WYCA with this Classics Business Timer for review. If you’re going to pick one up, we’d love it if you considered them!

  • Free Shipping
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 100% Authentic
  • From $479

Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer FC-270SW4P5

Frederique Constant FC-270SW4P5 Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: FC-270SW4P5
  • MSRP: $1,000 (found discounted)
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Alternate Models: Lots of options for band, dial color, and features.
  • Movement: Quartz, FC-270
  • Complications: Day/date subdials, moonphase.
  • Battery Life: Estimated 3.75 years (44 months)
  • Water Resistance: 60m / 195ft
  • Crystal Material: Sapphire

Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer FC-270SW4P5

About Frederique Constant Watches

As far as notable Swiss watchmakers go, Frederique Constant is relatively young. Founded in 1988, the roots of the company reach as far back as 1904 (you can learn more about their heritage here). They are based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva and have successfully competed toe to toe with many other entry-level luxury watch manufacturers since the launch of their first collection in 1992.

In 2002, the company acquired Alpina watches – another brand I’ve been itching to get some face time with – and have been heavily invested in the entry-level luxury watch market. Accessible luxury is a pillar of their brand identity, as is in-house manufacturing and handmade quality.

They were acquired by Citizen in 2017.

Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer FC-270SW4P5

Oh Yes, This is a Gold Watch I Can Get Behind

Several weeks ago I reviewed the Mido Commander II, which I thought was an awesome looking watch that was held back a bit by its gold PVD bracelet and case. Like the Mido, this Frederique has a gold case. However, unlike the Mido, the gold on this case appears to be better able to withstand the rigors of daily wear.

That’s a great thing, too, because it’s absolutely posh in yellow gold. It’s elegant yet and subtle – its 40mm diameter case and cream/gold dial limit just how much gold the watch can project.

A brown Crococalf leather strap also goes a long way in toning down the impact of the gold and is a nice complement to the color scheme.

Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer FC-270SW4P5 Buckle

The strap is comfortable to wear, and it molded to my wrist quickly.

I find it interesting that they opted for a classic buckle on the Business Timer. A deployant clasp would suit the watch well, especially because it’s likely to get a fair amount of wear. Considering the MSRP is north of $1,000 (even if only just), it also seems price appropriate.

Deployant or not, the buckle shows the same quality as the rest of the watch. The logo engraved on the buckle is even and free of defects. It looks quite regal.

Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer FC-270SW4P5

I am a sucker for a classic dress watch, and the Classics Business Timer (appropriately named) jives with my tastes. I especially love the week counter, which surrounds the dial and is referenced by a black arrow with a red head.

The day and date subdials are both finely grooved, as is the covered 2/3’s of the moonphase display. The rest of the dial is textured – like thick cardstock paper – and luxurious. The golden applied indices are free of defects and looks great. Aside from the gold hour/minute hands, the only other touch of gold on the dial is the moon and the stars in 6 o’clock moonphase display.

Without question, the Business Timer is a fine looking dress watch and an excellent example of how Frederique Constant can deftly execute on a classic look.

Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer FC-270SW4P5 Caseback

A Moonphase for the Sensible

Not long ago you’d have counted me among the throngs of watchphiles that proclaimed the inherent superiority of the mechanical movement. A quartz moonphase? Never!

But the fact of the matter is that most people, most of the time, aren’t able to keep their mechanical movement charged. In such a scenario – likely the most common out of the bunch – it makes complete sense to use a quality quartz movement. Set it once, and the day/date/week/moonphase all runs accurately and in sync.

Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer FC-270SW4P5

Two-Handed Timetelling

The FC-270SW4P5 does not have a seconds hand, making testing its perceived accuracy somewhat of a moot point. It also does not have a day/night indicator (the moonphase is actually a moonphase), but morning is indicated easily enough by the day/date hands springing forward.

Setting the Business Timer

  • To set the time, pull the crown to its furthest position (position 2). Turn clockwise to adjust, note the automatic rollover of the day/date subdials at 12 o’clock.
  • The top button sets the calendar week, which rotates counter-clockwise.
  • The bottom button changes the date display.

FC-270SW4P5 Wrist Shot

Everything You Expect From a Dressy Luxury Watch

The Business Timer pairs with just about everything and looks great doing it. It’s sized perfectly and isn’t too tall. It tucks under a cuff and doesn’t tower off of your wrist.

For the $475 – $600 grey-market price it sells at, you have plenty of options from both large and microbrand manufacturers with an auto or mechanical that offer a similar combination of functions and styles. However, this Frederique Constant will be one of the only Swiss brands you’ll find, and it is one of the best looking options you’ll find, too.

Compared to the Slimline that I reviewed a few weeks ago, this FC is more upscale, complicated, and attractive. If I wanted a gold watch with an interesting complication to wear regularly, this would be on my list.

If you plan on buying the Classics Business Timer via the grey market, make sure that you get a warranty of some sort. If you’re  shopping online, both Certified Watch Store and Amazon offer two-year warranties.

FC Classics Business Timer Photo Gallery

Affiliate Disclosure

Our friends at Certified Watch Store sent us this Frederique Constant for my review. I wore the watch for a period of 2.5 weeks before writing this review.

We have an affiliate relationship with CWT. If you purchase the watch after clicking on a link to their site from ours, we will receive a small commission from that transaction. This is the primary method that we use to monetize the website and fund our costs (which, to date, has included nearly $5,000 in camera/lighting equipment, $50/mo software/hosting fees, etc.).

We understand that this may skew your perception of our review. We do not slant our reviews based on this relationship. If this makes you uncomfortable but you still want to buy the watch, simply do so from a non-affiliated store. However, we would sure appreciate if you supported WYCA – one of the only real hands-on review sites on the web – by shopping at our affiliate partners.

Thank you for your support!

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