MQT Horlogère Suisse Essential Four Ladies

Photo Feature: MQT Horlogère Suisse Essential Four Ladies

Instead of my usual review, which I feel would be a rehash of my thoughts of the Gent, I thought we’d do something a bit different and snap a few lifestyle photos. My wife, Melissa, is a part-time model and full-time beauty and so it was her wrist I felt best to showcase this timepiece.

Best Affordable Dive Watches Under $1000

Best Affordable Dive Watches Priced Under $1,000

A good dive watch is a virtual necessity whenever you find yourself getting wet. Whether you’re actually going diving, or simply want to lounge in the backyard pool, a good dive watch should be able to keep pace.

Not all dive watches are made equally, and not all dive watches need to be overbuilt deep-divers, either. As I curated the watches for this liset, I organized them based on water resistance ratings and then ranked them by price within their respective categories. This list will grow and evolve over time as new and notable divers get released.

Best Matching His & Hers Watches

Matching His & Hers Watches Priced Under $500

Finding affordable his & hers watches that aren’t junk can be tough, especially in a world flooded with no-name brand watches from overseas manufacturers. Here are a few recommendations – curated by my wife and I – that are sure to be a hit. Affordably priced, these timepieces are sure to be a hit.

Best Casual Watches Under $500

18 Best Casual Watches Priced Under $500

Looking for a casual watch? A watch that won’t break the bank and will look good with a variety of outfits? This list – containing watches I’ve reviewed hands-on – will give you some great ideas. See in-depth reviews and the best prices currently available on Amazon. 17 watches so far (and growing)!

Jones New York Quartz Ladies Watch

Brand Feature: Jones New York

A month or so back, CWT sent me four watches from their exclusive brand, Jones New York. JNY is a brand of inexpensive quartz timepieces with a focus on fashion and style. As such, watches themselves are fairly standard quartz timepieces: they are powered by Japanese-sourced quartz movements and are made of standard materials.

I put them behind my lens and started snapping. As you can see, they’re very photogenic and I got some really excellent shots. Check them out below, with Melissa’s opinion on them.

Best Mechanical Watches for Men

Best Mechanical Watches For Men Priced Under $1,500

A common question we get on our Facebook and YouTube channels is “what are the best mechanical/automatic watches under $X”. The $X changes, but the sentiment in the question does not. It’s a good question, too, as there’s never been a broader selection of mechanically-powered watches than what’s available today.

In this list, I’ve called out my favorite automatic or mechanical watches priced under $1,500. A notable caveat: if the watch is an automatic, the movement must be able to be hand-wound like a non-automatic mechanical movement.

Citizen Skyhawk Blue Angels

Citizen Skyhawk Blue Angels Review

The Citizen Skyhawk Blue Angels is a full-on tool watch that seems to be able to do anything. It’s atomic-synced time is the standard that I set all my other watches to, and it feels tough enough to withstand a bomb blast. If your watch needs to do everything, the Skyhawk Blue Angels is a great choice. I’m a big fan.

Wood Wilder Denmark

Wood Wilder Denmark: Premium Wooden Watches

If you’re looking for a new watch that’s a little against the grain, you might find a wooden watch from Wood Wilder Denmark a good pick. Good looking, made well, and comfortable to wear, there’s a lot about these wooden watches to like.