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The Chrono Series by Crownarch

By Cameron Martel


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Taken from the Chrono series by Crownarch, this watch comes shipped in a beautiful black and glossy wooden box, which oozes style and charm. This handsome watch finished in rose gold and an ocean blue dial is a true conversation starter an unconventional pairing of colours but one in which the risk has paid off.

Priced at $175 USD including free shipping and returns screams short of great value and some may even consider it a bargain.

The Chrono-r1, is housed in a rose gold casing and is striking with its ocean blue sunray dial.The advanced plating technique used by Crownarch minimises scratches and prolongs the finish of the rose gold.

finish of the rose gold.

Under the bonnet is a reliable VD51 Japanese movement and is waterproof to 3ATM. At 43mm  the watch is the perfect size for a chronograph and sits comfortably on the wrist.

Best saved for those special occasions when you want to make a statement, this watch is a true conversation starter. Best worn with lighter colours and shirts, this watch will look great this summer. With An obsession with detail, Crownarch offers a unique visual story-telling experieince, especially on their Instagram; one in which has the aim of connecting with their target audience.

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  1. Ordered a watch from Crownarch after seeing an add on Pinterest, paid by visa it was promised fast UK delivery in 3 days but it never arrived . They ignored my emails and never told me why the delay it’s still not arrived after a few weeks I think I’ve been very patient … very very poor customer service they don’t update tracking info or reply to questions or emails . Feeling that I’ve lost my money will have to make a claim on my credit card. Broken promises, No watch, Buyers beware


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