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SEVENFRIDAY P-Series P2/01 Watch Review

By Cameron Martel


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SEVENFRIDAY Watches Are Big, Loud, and Made to be Noticed

SEVENFRIDAY made a big splash when they entered the scene a few years ago. It’s easy to see why, too, when you look at what they’ve produced.

The SEVENFRIDAY watch I’m reviewing here is the P2/01. It’s an elaborate skeletonized dial paired with an XL body. Thanks to the huge 47mm case, the mechanical elements of the P2/01 can use the ample real estate to deliver a satisfying stylistic 1-2 punch.

The P2/01 isn’t without its drawbacks, however. The movement they chose to use is a good but not great inclusion, and that’s despite a low four-figure price tag. Be that as it may, I am happy to recommend the P2/01 to someone seeking a stylish peacock-piece that has the wow-factor needed to justify its looks and cost.

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SevenFriday P2/01 Wrist Shot

SEVENFRIDAY P2/01 Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: P2/01
  • MSRP: $1,350
  • Case Diameter: 47mm
  • Alternate Models: Other colors available
  • Movement: Miyota 82S7 automatic
  • Complications: None
  • Power Reserve: Estimated 40 hours
  • Water Resistance: 30m/99ft
  • Crystal Material: Hardened mineral

SEVENFRIDAY P2/01 Automatic Watch

SEVENFRIDAY P2/01 Aesthetics & Design

When I reviewed the Tissot Squelette I talked about how much I enjoyed the industrial dial. The P2/01 has that same appeal. SEVENFRIDAY has given the P2/01 a multi-layered dial; it has true depth and displays its mechanical heart proudly and tastefully.

The rose gold hour hand and carbon-grey minute hand match the mechanical motif. The hands compliment the display handsomely while simultaneously drawing your eye to the rotating small-seconds at 4 o’clock.

If the P2/01 were a smaller watch it’d look busy and cluttered, but at 47mm it’s got a lot of real estate to work with. It wears smaller than it is because SEVENFRIDAY placed a circular dial inside of a square case. When your eye focuses on the watch inside the rose-gold ring, you don’t realize just how large 47mm really is.

But it is large, and heavy, and it reminds you of this by dominating whatever wrist it’s occupying. You’d need some pretty big wrists to make the P2/01 appear small.

SEVENFRIDAY P2/01 Automatic Watch

Inside the rose-gold ring is where all the action is, and there is plenty for your eye to see. The hour and minute hands tower over the rest of the dial, which itself looks two or three steps below the rim. From a distance, the bold SEVENFRIDAY brand and the two hands appear to pop off the dial. All this on top of the exposed balance wheel, recessed deep inside the case, that ticks to remind you of the engine that makes the machine.

The brown calf-skin leather pairs with the case, which itself has a subdued mat finish. In fact, everything outside of the inner circle seems built to display the dial with maximum effectiveness. Individually they are fairly standard, but as a whole the strap, case, and crown come together to provide a fitting backdrop for the dial to be situated against.

SEVENFRIDAY P2/01 Automatic Watch

A lot of detail has gone into P2/01. The back is well-decorated, with the watch’s dimensions and serial number engraved into a black metal plate that is itself screwed on to the caseback. The crown is milled and decorated to match the dial, suiting the watch perfectly.

SEVENFRIDAY even uses a crate – looking akin to something meant to be airdropped behind enemy lines – to ship and display the P2/01. This presentation works well to drive the cool factor sky high.

Because SEVENFRIDAY has been so consistent with the details, the P2/01 can get away with having a huge case and an exposed dial. It’s done consistently well, meeting the high standards expected of a watch like this.

SevenFriday P2/01 Watch

SevenFriday P-Series Build Quality

In my opinion, the build quality of the P-Series is great, though it uses a low-grade crystal where it should be fitted with a sapphire. Using a mineral crystal on an almost $1,400 watch strikes me as odd, especially considering its size. A watch this big is going to go to get smacked around from time to time- seems unnecessary to not offer better scratch protection.

Crystal, Case, & Dial

Unfortunately, the P2/01 I was using had a couple of small marks on the mineral crystal. They are hard to see without the aid of a camera’s lens, but if you look hard enough you will find them. I get the impression that a replacement for the crystal isn’t inexpensive, either. It is anti-reflective, making it easy to read.

The case itself feels tough. It’s solid, weighty when held, and adds a feeling of quality to the watch. It looks and feels like a solid chunk of steel, with its various edges and components milled straight out of it.

The dial is also built well, though under zoom you can see some tool marks on some of the machined surfaces. Absent of a zoom lens, the dial is flawless to the eye.

SevenFriday P2/01 Strap & Clasp

Strap & Clasp

The heavy-duty strap is 28mm where it meets the case, tapering down to 24mm at the buckle. Despite the taper, it’s still a mondo strap. It’s comfortable to wear once it’s broken in; when new, you’ll find the calfskin leather quite firm.

The steel buckle is colored similarly to the case. It’s a heavy unit, too, feeling as if it could take a beating.

From a build quality perspective, both the strap and buckle are more than suited for the job.

SevenFriday P2/01 Back

Powered By the Miyota 82S7 Automatic Movement

The Miyota 82S7 is a 21 jewelled movement that has a power reserve of around 40 hours. It beats at 21,600 bph- this isn’t the smoothest, but since the small seconds wheel is used in place of a typical seconds hand, you don’t really notice.

The Miyota 82S7 is rated at -20/+40 seconds per day for accuracy. According to toolwatch.io, this P2/01 was +33 seconds. That accuracy is within spec, but still… 33 seconds is a lot. It’s more deviation than I’ve experienced from watches that cost 1/10th the price (like the Orient Bambino V2 I reviewed a few weeks ago). This means that you’re setting the time every three or four days (unless you don’t mind being a few minutes early).

You can hand-wind the Miyota 8S27, though it’s non-hacking. It’s widely known to be a reliable movement (as most people would consider Miyota movements in general), so while I’m disappointed that SEVENFRIDAY didn’t choose a movement that hacks, I have no reason to worry about its quality or longevity.

SEVENFRIDAY P2/01 Automatic Watch Wrist Shot

I Just Can’t Get Over How Cool The P2/01 Is

It’s easy to see why SEVENFRIDAY watches are so popular.

I find it hard to resist something with personality; a good watch will have its own personality that compliments yours when you wear it. The P2/01 is like that- it has a big personality that’s a lot of fun when you put it on.

It’s a big win in the looks department, but not everyone can pull off a 47mm case without it looking too oversized. You can print a scale template of the watch from the watch’s page on SevenFriday.com. If you’re worried about its size, print it and check it out before dropping your visa number.

SEVENFRIDAY sells them directly off their website for $1,350 USD (as of the time of this review), though you can find them on Amazon for a couple hundred bucks under that. That’s a fair amount of money for a watch with a mineral crystal, but I’d still pay it for a watch that looks as good as this one does.

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