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Hamilton Pan-Europ: Then vs Now

By Cameron Martel


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First Released in 1971, and Revisited Again in 2011, the Hamilton Pan-Europ Has Always Been a Looker.

Inside was the Calibre-11 automatic chronograph movement- a robust and sought-after movement that gave the Pan-Europ a true soul. In my Hamilton Pan-Europ Day/Date review I talked a little bit about the vintage Pan-Europ, but I mostly focused on the one I had in my hand. This was because the odds of me finding one to take photos of and review were pretty low (let’s call a spade a spade- aBlogtoWatch I am not :P).

Hamilton Pan-Europ Day/Date on Nato

After going to a local watch meet I met doncommando, who agreed to loan me his vintage Pan-Europ for a while so I could snap some photos.  Just a couple of weeks later, Justin at Gem by Carati loaned me a brand-new Pan-Europ Auto Chrono for a few days. I thought this was the ideal time to get some side-by-side shots of the vintage Pan-Europ and its modern re-imagining.

Hamilton Pan Europ Day/Date, Pan-Europ Chrono-Matic, Pan-Europ Chronograph

When I was searching for information about what was different between the two versions of the Pan-Europ, it was hard to find some really good photos of the two side by side. What an opportunity to make my own! I hope you enjoy 🙂

Check them out below! 

Vintage & Modern Hamilton Pan-Europ Photo Gallery

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