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Oath Black Tie Review

By Cameron Martel


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Meet the Oath Black Tie, Currently On Sale for $50

In a price point dominated by the WeekenderSeiko 5, and other affordable heavyweights, it’s easy to overlook the microbrands out there offering something different for the same money. You’d be forgiven for doing so, but the omission can be a real shame.

Take this Oath, for example: currently on sale for $50 (shipping included, $110 regular), it’s an ultra-affordable quartz that’s definitely worth your eye.

In true WYCA fashion, I warmed up the Tamron macro and got to shooting. Let’s check it out.

Oath Black Tie


Minimalism is the name of the game for the Black Tie. Resembling the Weekender FairfieldMonsieur, and a host of other minimal watches, the aesthetic is very much up to you to decide if you’re into it or not. Personally, I can take it or leave it – I have several minimal pieces in my collection – but I also can’t disparage it.

Oath Black Tie

In keeping with the minimal aesthetic, the dial and caseback are both simple and clean. The caseback, polished to a mirror finish, is particularly interesting because of how the brushed surfaces break up the polished sections. With the cauldron shape, not to dissimilar from the Skagen Holst I reviewed a few years ago, the effect when taking photos is definitely fun.

Oath Black Tie

Looks Great Up Close

As I mentioned during the Svarntai review I recently posted, the place I see most affordables cut corners is in the finishings on the dial, hands, and indices. You rarely notice with the naked eye, but under zoom, blemishes in coatings or build are all too obvious. It’s what I love (and hate) about macro photography.

Happily, the Black Tie is free from obvious defects. Viewed from near or afar, the Oath presents the same minimal aesthetic that’s done to a good standard.

Oath Black Tie

For Under $100 I Have No Complaints

Make no mistake: this Oath is no horological masterpiece. Far from it, in fact: it uses a Miyota quartz movement, mineral glass, and standard materials and finishings throughout. It also ticks quite loudly, reminding me of my beloved Weekender.

But… I love the Weekender for the same reasons I enjoy the Black Tie. It’s affordable, made well, and looks better than its diminutive price would suggest. The leather strap, complete with the branded clasp, is comfortable to wear and quickly moulded to my wrists.

Oath Black Tie Wrist Shot

With this Oath, you have an attractive – albeit common – design mated to an affordable price, comfortable strap, and convenient purchasing/shipping. It’s hard to find much fault in that kind of combination.

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  1. Hi! Great review for a nice minimal dress watch.
    I coudn’t find either on the review nor on OathWatches web page the case diameter of this Black Tie.
    Please help!


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